A Stress-Free Moving Experience!

Making the decision to move to an independent or assisted living community is an exciting lifestyle change. While moving can sometimes be a long process, we’ve compiled some tips to keep it as quick and easy as possible.

1. Create a Plan

Once you have your move in date, take a systematic approach. Start in rooms that aren’t used often and begin the packing process. Leave out the essentials that you use on a regular basis, but pack, toss or donate the rest.

2. Set Deadlines

Setting goals for yourself is important in remaining stress free and meeting your move in date. After you’ve established what rooms you will start in, make sure you’ve completed each task by a predetermined deadline. Also use deadlines to make sure any paperwork required in your move in packet is completed as well.

3. Get Rid of Things

If you are downsizing from a house into a senior living community it’s essential to also scale back your possessions. If things do not have sentimental value look to donating, selling or throwing the items away if they are in poor condition. If something does have sentimental value try repurposing it into something you can take, for example: instead of taking a set of China plates, create a memory box out of one. Another suggestion is to pass the items along to a younger family member who would appreciate its value.

4. Gather Support

Moving is not a task that should be tackled alone. It is much more productive to have help in moving, either by friends, family or professionals. Using friends or family to help pack and move is a great way to spend quality time reminiscing on memories as well as make new ones. Hiring movers provides the ultimate stress-free move with as little of physical activity as possible, which is great if you are on a time crunch.


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