Each month our Life Enrichment director, Lorie Russell, schedules several music activities that include not just music CDs but also live entertainers who play a variety of instruments and genres, sing-a-long DVDs, church hymns, Girl Scouts singing, and even the Melody Lanes singers and dancers performing. Listening to music is known to bring residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia to life as they remember the words of the songs. Fran Lessard, a resident at Memory Care said, “I can feel the music in my bones” as she sang along to the songs played by one of our frequent entertainers, Jeff Parker, who plays the guitar.

According to the American Music Therapy Association, “having daily music is a form of sensory stimulation that promotes responses due to familiarity, predictability and feeling of security associated with music.” Listening to music is also known to reduce stress and improve mental illness and enhance memory. Music is offered in one form or another every day in our memory care facility. It’s amazing to see the difference in the residents when music is playing.

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