Tom is 68 and has been living here just shy of a year. When asked about his favorite part of Fieldstone, he said he likes the entertainment and the social aspects, such as sitting with people and listening to their discussions. Tom shared how great he’s feeling about living here, explaining that since moving in he has not had to go to the hospital, nor has he gotten the flu or pneumonia, which is a first in a long time. We’re so pleased to be taking care of him.

Tom is a unique person and has been an overachiever his whole life. By the age of seven, he was driving, as he lived on a farm. Then in high school he was a volunteer firefighter, which he kept up for over 30 years. He also was Jaycee President, Rotary President, and on the Quincy City Council. And as if all this was not enough, the first business he owned was Grebb Construction. Now he owns Central Bean Company, which led him to being part of the USA National Dry Bean Council. His work on the council took him to Washington D.C. two to three times per year, and he was able to travel with the council to New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rico, and Mexico. Wow!

But of all of the trips, his favorite was their annual winter trip to Fargo, North Dakota, to go ice fishing with other people in the bean industry. He was also involved with WSU Seed Research and Washington State AgForestry Program, and with the AG he traveled to Egypt, Spain, and Morocco. What a remarkable, dizzying series of successes and travels! Thank you for being a part of our joyful and vibrant community, Tom! We’re proud to have you here.

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