Wendy Shiflett is our Dining Director and has been here for 11 months. She was chosen as the employee of the month because she is dedicated, friendly, caring—and she will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

On several occasions she has been called on the weekends, and rather than having her staff figure things out without her, she will drive in and assist with whatever the challenge is, making sure her staff is taken care of. She also will cover her staff so they can take time off, and she will not ask another staff member to work extra; if something additional needs to be done, she does the task herself. She has created a solid team that works so very well together.

Something unique about Wendy is her devotion to her motorcycles and race car driving! When we asked about her favorite thing about being part of Fieldstone, she replied, “Visiting and helping the residents. As for what she likes best about her job, she shared, “I get to create the menus, and I love being able to teach my staff so they can feel confident and grow in their position.” You are a key part of what makes our community a wonderful place to live and work, Wendy. Thank you for all you do.

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