Perla is a Medical Technician here and has been working at Fieldstone for one year. She was chosen as the Employee of the Month because she is always on the go, helping anyone that needs a hand. She’s worked hard to learn how to be a medical technician.

Perla uplifts her coworkers by always trying to help in any way she can, picking up extra shifts, and currently taking on the role of our new medical technician. Perla thrives to learn each day more and more—all with a smile on her face, ready for anything that comes her way.

When we asked about her favorite things about Fieldstone she shared, “The environment is always welcoming, and the residents are amazing!” What she likes best about her job is that every day is a brand new day. Perla brings a lot of optimism and heart to our community, and we’re so glad she’s here. Thank you for all you do, Perla.

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