Tad’s Tartar Sauce

Did you know Tad makes the delicious tartar sauce that accompanies all of our seafood menu items? Tad has been making this wonderful sauce for years, and now has all of the ingredients and measurements memorized. We always get compliments about how wonderful our food is, but we also get a lot of compliments about Tad’s tartar sauce from families and residents! If you love seafood and tartar sauce we encourage you to give it a try. You will need the following ingredients: mayonnaise, minced onion, dill weed, minced dill pickle, and lemon juice. Use as much of the ingredients as you want to create your sauce, and enjoy! Thank you, Tad, for making and sharing your sauce with us!

Valentine’s Day Spread

For Valentine’s Day, Chef Rich and his kitchen team prepared a variety of wonderful treats to enjoy. We had a special party and presented the residents with a beautiful spread of veggie and fruit trays along with a handmade puff pastry filled with Brie cheese! It was truly a sight to behold!

Fresh stuffed mushrooms, meatballs in a grape chili sauce, and cheesecake with chocolate and fresh raspberry drizzle were also among the gourmet dishes served at the party. Serving up this special spread for our residents was an all-time highlight of the month.

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