February was definitely a month of love, and to celebrate the love here at Fieldstone Memory Care in Olympia, we asked families to bring in their love stories with their favorite picture of them and their loved ones. We hung them around Town Square for all families to enjoy while we were entertained by Tim Burke (one of our resident’s spouses), had cupcakes, and drank champagne! Accompanied by chocolate covered strawberries, you could really feel the love and happiness in the air!

A Poem from Mike Lyons

A resident’s husband, Mike, has been sharing his poetry with us each month. He hopes his poetry will help others who are experiencing life with a loved one who has dementia.


As the sun rises the earth warms.

The fog of loneliness blows in surrounding the senses.

Overwhelming the cognitive. Resulting in Self-imposed solitude.

As the sun rises higher the fog retreats. Loneliness evaporates, solitude remains.

Loneliness returns at dusk. Night captures the cognitive. Self-imposed solitude continues.

The wind ushers in wholeness of mind. Accept the past, embrace the future.

Participate in life’s activities. Loneliness and solitude disappear.

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