Greetings from Marysville!  I’m happy to report that the paving project—driveway, parking lot as well as circular entrance to the building—was completed just a short time ago! In addition, the south neighborhood is now completely painted and the doors are hung. We plan on installing carpet in this area this weekend, and it remains my hope to begin “Dusty Boots” tours of the community in mid-December, so stay tuned!

As we begin the ramp-up to opening—still slated for April, 2020—I’ve been in the position to talk to and interview dozens of folks who are interested in being a part of the Fieldstone Team. I can’t tell you how heartening it has been for me to sit down over a cup of coffee and hear the stories of empathy and commitment toward existing and future residents in Marysville. There are some great people in this community who truly desire to serve those with dementia. If anything, we’ll have a hard time narrowing down the list of those interested in joining our service-oriented team. 

Considering the season, how could I end this short missive without a note of thankfulness?  I simply cannot. So please indulge me for a moment… 

In a world and national environment that seems so polarized by competing interests, hard-fought political positions, and a fear of “those” who do not think or look like me, I am thankful for simple kindness. The undeserved kindness of my Dad when he found out that I knocked a hole in the wall fighting with my brother (true); the simple kindness, of time and conversation, shown by legions of doctors and nurses who cared for my Mom and Dad when they were sick; the tears of kindness shed by a nurse as she recalled her Grandmother’s dementia journey; and the acts of kindness that I hear about every day, acts big and small, pointed like laser beams at those in our world who need help. For all these kindnesses, I am thankful. They truly make the world go ‘round.

Wishing you the best this Holiday Season,

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