Wellness is the pursuit of continued growth and balance. While many people think about “wellness” in terms of just physical health, it really is the full integration of the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, occupational, and environmental. All seven of these aspects together lead to a high quality of life for our residents. Each month, we’ll be highlighting a different dimension of wellness and how our programs provide connections to every one of our residents. 

The physical wellness of our residents is best served through a collaboration of our entire team. The dining program ensures the residents receive the nutrition they need to thrive; maintenance and housekeeping provide a safe and healthful environment; and the care team keeps an eye out for medical concerns to keep our residents as healthy as possible. 

The activity team has a different charter. We are uniquely positioned to encourage improvement in the physical health of our residents. Participation in our daily exercise session or Walking Club helps our residents become physically stronger, but these activities offer so much more than just simple exercise.

Every week, we set up the bowling pins and the putting green, which helps build balance and eye/hand coordination. Keeping our residents in motion as they walk or wheel around the building on their way to participate in other types of activities keeps them limber and moving, giving them energy, boosting endorphins to stabilize their moods, increasing appetite, and helping them sleep better at night.

We’re always looking for ways to promote true wellness and invite you to join us for activities. Check out LifeLoop to see our life enrichment calendar, or stop by the front desk.

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