Congratulations to Kela Broome, Issaquah’s Employee of the Month for March. During her two years here at Fieldstone as a Medical Technician she’s been consistent, reliable—quietly working away in the background. She’s that one person who just always seems to be getting the job done. The reason Kela always seems to be around is that she is, quite literally, always around. In her two years at Issaquah, Kela has only missed one day of work that wasn’t a scheduled vacation. And while she’s been here, she’s become the unflappable backbone of our evening team.

One of the attributes that makes Kela such an asset to our team is her willingness to help. She’s the first to respond to requests for assistance, and she takes care of her co-workers just as well as she takes care of our residents. She steps right up any time someone needs a hand, needs a break, or needs a pat on the back. The best part of talking to Kela, though, is when you realize that behind her quiet, calm demeanor is a wicked sense of humor and a truly magnificent smile! Thank you, Kela, for your dedication and all you bring to our community!

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