For September, our unanimous choice for Employee of the Month is caregiver extraordinaire, Dennis. He is a quiet presence—he travels in a constant cloud of calm. In these first few months he’s been with the community, he’s demonstrated over and over again that he can always be counted on to take care of all his assigned tasks without fail, and then turn right around and help others succeed as well. He has a great connection with the residents and can often soothe residents who are feeling agitated with a quiet confidence.

When asked how he became so cool, he attributes his coolness to having surrounded himself with great people. He says working here is no exception. He shared, “Everyone I work with is so nice—the residents and their families, too. I became a caregiver because I feel called to help people improve their lives, and I can’t think of a better way to do that than working at Fieldstone.” We can tell you found your calling, Dennis, and we’re proud to have on the team. Congratulations!

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