Pat Campbell is a new resident here at Fieldstone Grandridge who joined us last August. She really adds a very sweet and calming presence to our community. Though she is new to Fieldstone, she is not new to the Tri-Cities area. She has lived here since 1959 and has five children, two of whom live here in the Tri-Cities as well. Pat spends her days watching TV, taking a few naps, playing an occasional round of bingo, and reading. One of her favorite books is The Robe by Lloyd Douglas. One of Pat’s favorite things about living here at Fieldstone Grandridge is the friendliness of her fellow residents and the staff.

Pat grew up in Missoula, Montana, and met her husband at the university there. One thing that they liked to do together with their children was go up to a cabin in Lincoln, Montana, and spend time there together. Pat’s husband was a teacher, and it was his work that eventually pulled them to Kennewick. He taught at Kennewick High School for many years, and eventually he was the principal there. Pat worked as a Medical Secretary for many years and enjoyed all that she learned in that career. After she retired, Pat took a job as an on-call employee for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). This meant she was one of the first responders to natural disasters assisting survivors. This position took her to Virginia, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Pat is kind, sweet, and extremely friendly. We are so glad to have Pat living here as part of our Fieldstone Grandridge family.

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