Claudia Pennington has been living here since spring last year, and she really enjoys participating in the activities, especially jewelry making and sewing. She also loves to win the Bingo games!

Claudia is a great example for all of us—she is very much into fitness and exercise, especially Tai Chi, and is always trying to improve her health and wellness. When we asked about her experience here at Fieldstone, she replied, “Thank you for another beautiful experience, I really enjoyed myself.” Claudia has the most beautiful smile, and she always goes out of her way to thank staff for making her day especially wonderful.

Claudia is a uniquely determined person; she is always willing to try new things that seem hard or impossible at first, be it a fitness task or an activity challenge, and with patience and persistence (and staff encouragement), she is able to succeed. Way to go, Claudia, you are amazing and always so motivated!

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