The theme for November is “thankful thoughts.” This will be a month of being thankful and expressing our gratitude. We invite our families to celebrate Thanksgiving here with us on Friday, November 22nd at 5:00 p.m. Please RSVP for the event. In October, we had a great Halloween party where kids came and trick-or-treated with […]
October’s Employee of the Month was, unsurprisingly, Letty Bolanos, who has been a Medication Aide here for 10 months. She is not only skilled, but she is also dedicated to Fieldstone and our residents. she always keeps a smile on her face and a level head in challenging situations. Her dedication and reliability have been outstanding—plus, […]
Jennifer Vance is our employee of the month. Jennifer is Wenatchee Memory Care’s Resident Care Coordinator, a truly challenging position that entails being the direct line of support for all caregivers. She manages the ever-dynamic staff schedule as well. Jennifer says she loves coming to work because of the residents, and she loves her job […]