Most of us were raised with a core value of thankfulness. Growing up, our parents or elders probably told us something along the lines of, “Be grateful for what you’ve got.” During November, we all usually take a few minutes, whether around the dinner table or just during this season, to reflect on the good […]
Here at Fieldstone we do important work that directly impacts the well-being and quality of life of others. And we believe that the small things matter just as much as the big things; it takes every single one of us—every task and gesture—to make a joyful and vibrant community. So, if you’ve ever felt someone […]
Every organization talks about teamwork, because no one person can do it all. But what do we really mean when we talk about teamwork? Great teamwork is a set of behaviors that guides each person toward a common goal. Think of a person you consider a real team player. What do you see in them? […]
All of us have times of conflict with others. We don’t all think or behave exactly alike, and we have different ideas, priorities, backgrounds, and sensitivities. Working toward resolving conflict can feel intimidating. It can feel scary and puzzling to sort through our emotions. What does it really take to resolve conflict? While all conflicts […]
When we call our residents and staff our Fieldstone Family, we really mean that, and we always encourage our staff to care with their whole hearts. And we know that’s why it is especially painful when a resident dies. Deep caring and connection is what makes Fieldstone a joyful place; it’s what makes life worth […]