At Fieldstone Issaquah, meaningful intellectual activities are very important to those living with dementia. Dementia can cause people to withdraw from activities and enjoyable interactions with family and friends. It’s important to try and maintain those relationships and interests to help people living with dementia lead a better quality and more enjoyable life. There are many benefits […]
Wellness is the pursuit of continued growth and balance. While many people think about “wellness” in terms of just physical health, it really is the full integration of the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, occupational, and environmental. All seven of these aspects together lead to a high quality of life for […]
For September, our unanimous choice for Employee of the Month is caregiver extraordinaire, Dennis. He is a quiet presence—he travels in a constant cloud of calm. In these first few months he’s been with the community, he’s demonstrated over and over again that he can always be counted on to take care of all his […]