Rachel Caro, Caregiver and Med Tech, would like to share her amazing Chicken Pot Pie recipe. This is one of the recipes our residents absolutely love and always ask for here at Fieldstone Adult Family Home. Enjoy! Ingredients Crust 2 boxes of Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts Filling 1/3 cup of butter 1/3 cup of chopped […]
We share our life enrichment calendar with OrchardWest, and there are many opportunities for residents and families to join us. There are many music events coming up in August! Join us at OrchardWest every Tuesday at 1:30pm for the Missionary Singing Group. August 15th, join us for music upstairs at 2pm at OrchardWest. August 27th, […]
What makes our menu special is all of our home cooked meals we prepare for residents. And residents’ family members and staff also have a chance to incorporate some of their own personal recipes into our menu. Cheyanne Boucher is a Medical Technician with us and has been with Fieldstone Communities for 5 years, since […]
Last month, we enjoyed a wonderful Easter Celebration with our sister community, OrchardWest. Residents had their grandchildren and great grandchildren here, and that really brought a smile to their faces and made them very happy. We had a great turnout with many of our residents, their family members, and many of our employees and their […]